Rain Gutter Book Shelves: Tutorial

Rain gutter shelves won’t hold a ton of books, not nearly as many as the same space used for traditional shelving.  However, they certainly are prettier and much easier for young children to help themselves without making a mess.


Items needed:


1. Decide the length that you want your shelf to be.  Measure and mark this length on the shelf with the Sharpie.

cut rain gutter shelves


2. Cut the rain gutter with the hack saw.



3. Sand the cut edges smooth.

sand rain gutter shelves


4. Decide where you want to put the shelves and find and mark the studs.

stud finding


5. Determine the height that you want the top of the shelf to be and mark that point on one of the studs that will be close to the end of the shelf.


6.  Using the wood screw and the drill, screw a bracket into the point that you just marked.

screwing bracket for raingutter shelves


7. Level the shelf

level rain gutter shelves


8. Screw the bracket into the stud at the marked height


9.  Install additional brackets for stability.


10. Glue on the end caps


rain gutter book shelves boys room